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About Us

Established by a group of visionaries, we have come this far to be the pinnacle of the financial services industry by growing talents from diverse backgrounds. With integrity, we are committed to providing professional financial advice and to deliver first-class service experience to our esteemed clients and working partners.


We believe that a cohesive working environment is core to a jubilant lifestyle and foundation to a great career. Dominated by a group of young, vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurs, we at UniOracle Alliance (UOA) work hard and play hard as we come together to Aspire · Adapt · Achieve in this life-changing and rewarding pursuit. 


The true underlying value of our business is summarized simply in our UOA mission statement: "Betterment of Self through Betterment of Others." The emblems of our success are merely a reflection of the number of lives that we have touched and inspired. 

UniOracle Alliance
A group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Reg. No. 199002477Z


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UOA Flying Start 2021
UOA Management Team
UOA Awards Night - Work Hard Play Hard
UOA London Awards Night
UniOracles @ Work
UOA Awards Night
UOA PGS 2016 - UOA Star Awards
UOA PGS 2016 - Star Awards Night
UOA Ho Chi Minh  Awards Night
UOA Taipei Awards Night
UOA PGS 2016 - UOA Knock-Out
UOA PGS 2016 - UOA Knock-Out Bartenders
UOA PGS 2016 - Plane Knock-Out
UOA PGS 2016 - Singapore Changi Airport
UOA PGS 2015 - Home Sweet Home 1
UOA PGS 2015 - Home Sweet Home 2
UOA PGS 2016
UOA Sports Day
UOA PGS 2014 - Breakfast Time
UOA PGS 2014 - Beach Games
UOA PGS 2016 -  Pool Games
UOA PGS 2016 - Amazing Race
UOA PGS 2014 - Amazing Race 2
UOA PGS 2014 - Boys_edited
UOA PGS 2016 - Treetop Adventure
UOA PGS 2016 - Treetop Adventure Group Shot
UOA PGS 2015 - UOA's Got Talent
UOA PGS 2015 - Our Wishes Our Dreams
UOA PGS 2014 - Treetop Challenge
UOA PGS 2014 - Villa Departure
UOA PGS 2014 - Flag Competition
UOA PGS 2014 - Amazing Race 1
UOA MYR 2015 - Resort Shot
UOA PGS 2014 - At The Villa
UOA Ho Chi Minh Trip - Escape Hunt
UOA Caring & Sharing Day 2014 _ MINDSville Napiri
Client Appreciation Night
UOA Christmas Celebration 2015
UOA Caring & Sharing Day 2016
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"Success isn't about how much money you make,
it's about the difference you make in people's lives."


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